Justice Water Fundraiser

Justice Water Fundraiser

Justice Water.

I took up this cause on a whim. Sort of.

I’ve been sharing lately about how I needed something to put the fun and life back into my business because it seems like every January it hits me - I feel burnt out from the camp chaos and the earring chaos colliding and I find myself wondering what it is that keeps me going.

Is it the money? The creativity?…

I think I’ve discovered that it’s the little glimpses of provision. This thing that I’ve been given. The business that fell into my lap. In some seasons it has taken care of my family, and by times it has existed simply for others.

When my friend reached out about doing a fundraiser together, I knew it was a yes. In fact, it was the yes I’ve been needing to keep me going. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen children drinking out of mud puddles with my own eyes - knowing I did nothing to be born into a different set of circumstances. It could be the unity I share with my friends who are on the front lines, bringing Jesus + meeting basic needs. But when I ponder it, I think it’s the money and the creativity and the gift of it all harmonizing into… provision. Sometimes for me, sometimes for them.

The truth is, our goal of selling 100 pairs of earrings ($1800) only pays for approximately 13% of one of the wells that will be drilled this year. It really sounds like small potatoes, huh? I find myself tempted to dwell on the fact that they still need 87% of the cost. But no matter what goal you’re working towards, you always have to start somewhere. And just because we can’t solve the whole problem doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be a part of the solution.

If you purchased the Justice Water Droplet earrings - thank you. Thank you for giving me the chance to give my time and creativity towards something meaningful. If you’ve shared about it - thank you. Thank you for bringing awareness to not only the cause, but the need.

If you’d like to learn more, check out these links to see life changing stories, follow along with my friends, and to give towards Justice Water.




The earrings will be available on the site for the next few weeks. Let’s finish what we started - together I know we can.

You can shop the fundraiser by clicking on the photo ⬇️






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