Ebenezer Rock

Ebenezer Rock

If you stumbled across this page, chances are you already know who I am or a little bit about me.

In case you don’t, I’ll lay it all out.

I’m Shelley. In my little town I mostly get “the earring lady” or “John and Brenda’s daughter”. I’m Nathan’s wife and Liam and Lana’s mom. Some people just know me as the camp director but a lucky few know me as giddy after 9pm.

I have a tendency to get a little too passionate for the things I care about - following Jesus, minimalism, or winning that board game to name a few. I can’t do puzzles or long division and I despise wearing socks which is why I don’t own a single pair (go ahead and judge me. But can you whip up the world’s best cookies in 11 minutes flat?… That’s what I thought).

I have an inclination towards sarcasm and I really have no business starting a blog but here I am.

We’ve been through some rocky stuff - things that have threatened to ruin our marriage and cause us to abandon our faith. Yet by the grace of God, those hard things don’t define us - they refine us. And we’re still standing. 

Writing has been on my mind for some time now, and while I don’t know exactly what this blog will hold, I know God has something for me to share here this year. I think this space will be my ebenezer rock and I pray it will give you hope. 

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